Mohale Mashigo, winner of Philida Literary Award

Congratulations to Mohale Mashigo, author of The Yearning and Intruders for being announced as the winner of the inaugural Philida Literary Award, named in honour of the late author André P Brink’s final published novel, Philida.

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The 6th February 2020, marked the fifth anniversary of novelist André Brink’s passing. To pay tribute to his life and work, the first Philida Literary Award (named in honour of Brink’s final published novel, Philida) was announced by his widow and author, Dr Karina Szczurek.

We're thrilled for Mohale Mashigo, who was announced as the winner of the inaugural award. Upon accepting the award, Mohale said, "it is an incredible honour. Philida is one of my favourite novels of all time."

The award judges included Desiree-Anne Martin, Dr Helen Moffett, Joanne Hichens, Dr Karina M. Szczurek and Sara-Jayne Makwala King.

“What I want for Africans living in Africa is to imagine a future in their storytelling that deals with issues that are unique to us. I would like for us to see what size takkies fit us, and run with that.”

Click HERE to read ‘Afrofuturism: Ayashis’ Amateki’, an essay by Mohale Mashigo, which serves as the introduction to her collection of short stories, Intruders.


by Mohale Mashigo

Book cover for Intruders

Orphan sisters chase monsters of urban legend in Bloemfontein. At a busy taxi rank, a woman kills a man with her shoe. A genomicist is accused of playing God when she creates a fatherless child. Intruders is a collection that explores how it feels not to belong. These are stories of unremarkable people thrust into extraordinary situations by events beyond their control.

With a unique and memorable touch, Mohale Mashigo explores the everyday ills we live with and wrestle constantly, all the while allowing hidden energies to emerge and play out their unforeseen consequences.

Intruders is speculative fiction at its best.