Gama❤Phile is a local pre-publication writing platform that makes use of technology and social media to discover and celebrate undiscovered local writing talent. Founded by Avela Gronemeyer, this is a creative outlet for aspiring authors to showcase their work and gives readers access to new stories that exist outside of mainstream literary channels.

Gronemeyer expands on her vision, “A gap exists in South Africa between writers and publishers. This tool engages authors and encourages creative writing through social media and crowd-sourced rating and ranking mechanisms. New voices are showcased, commended and connected with readers and publishers, with the broader aim of nurturing a culture of supporting local writers and engaging with local audiences.”

We've partnered with Gama❤Phile and the Pilanesberg Tourism Incubator to bring you an exciting writing competition. If you are an aspiring author and have a story to share with the world, this is the perfect platform for you. Find out more HERE

Book cover for Infographic: How It Works: Life on Earth

Infographic: How It Works: Life on Earth

There are endless facts to learn about living things, but once you've absorbed them, do you really know how plants and animals work? They adapt and grow thanks to some incredible processes - and understanding them is the key to understanding life on earth. It's time ...