Pick the gift of books this Father's Day

Celebrate the dad in your life with the gift of a book that will inspire them to take some time-off and catch up on good reads from our list of bestsellers.

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Image depicting 5 books: Jeffrey Archer's Nothing Ventured, Tony Park's - Ghost of the Past, David Baldacci - Walk the wire, Bruce Whitfield's - The Upside of down and Changing a leopards spots by Alex van den Heever

Father’s Day is around the corner! Stuck for a gift? We've got a brilliant idea. Rather than adding to your dad’s pairs of socks, ties, cups and DIY tools – why not gift him some quiet time with a good book. From fast-paced and unputabledown crime thrillers to a heart-warming story of friendship and an important book on extraordinary and inspiring problem-solvers. Here's a selection of books dads will love and enjoy.

Ghosts of the Past

by Tony Park

Book cover for Ghosts of the Past

Africa, 1906: A young Australian adventurer is condemned to death.

Sydney, the present: journalist Nick Eatwell has just lost his job, but his day is brightened when a fellow reporter, South African Susan Vidler, comes into his life looking for his help with a story. Spanning two centuries, Ghosts of the Past is based on a true story. It's about love, war, buried treasure, shattered

Last Survivor

by Tony Park

Book cover for Last Survivor

Greed, danger and treachery are at the heart of Tony Park's 18th novel. Releasing in August, it follows Joanne Flack, a member of the Pretoria Cycad and Firearms Appreciation Society, suspected of stealing a rare African plant thought to be extinct and worth millions of dollars.

The Upside of Down

by Bruce Whitfield

Book cover for The Upside of Down

Can chaos and uncertainty breed opportunity? This is a question Bruce Whitfield answers in his book, The Upside of Down.

In a world of fake news, deepfakes, manipulated feeds of information and divisive social media agendas, it’s easy to believe that our time is the most challenging in human history. The book tells remarkable stories of extraordinary people and paints a picture of a South Africa very few people dare to imagine.

Walk the Wire

by David Baldacci

Book cover for Walk the Wire

Remember his name: FBI Agent Amos Decker is back in a thrilling memory man investigation from number one bestseller, David Baldacci.

A town with a secret.

A lone hunter discovers the remains of a woman in North Dakota’s Badlands. She appears to have had a post-mortem performed on her reminiscent of those only seen on TV shows – but this time, there was no slab, morgue or camera in sight.

A victim without a past.

The reason why Irene Cramer’s death merits an FBI investigation becomes rapidly clear when key questions surface about her mysterious past. Little is known about this school teacher, where she came from or her true identity. She clearly had something to hide.

A hero with a unique skill.

FBI investigator, Amos Decker and his colleague, Alex Jamison, are summoned to seek answers in the local community of London, North Dakota, which sits at the very heart of the fracking industry. Enriched with oil money, jealousy and a deep-set rivalry lie beneath a veneer of glitz and opulence.

Decker soon realizes that the nearby ‘eye in the sky’, the Air Force Station, may hold the vital clues and that this town holds secrets so explosive that they could destabilize the entire country . .

Walk the Wire by David Baldacci is the sixth book in the Amos Decker series.

Once read, never forgotten.

Changing a Leopard's Spots

by Alex van den Heever

Book cover for Changing a Leopard's Spots

World-renowned wildlife trackers Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo have spent more than two decades working together, tracking leopards and lions at Londolozi, jaguars in South America and grizzly bears in the United States.

In Changing a Leopard’s Spots, Alex shares stories from his life with Renias, including the successes, failures, dramas, laughter, disappointments and highlights. As they experience numerous adventures, Alex and Renias learn to trust and rely on one another – both in order to stay alive, in a literal sense because of the sometimes dangerous environments in which they work, but also to develop a deep and meaningful relationship.

By challenging each other and learning from one another they break down social, cultural, racial and personal boundaries and obstacles that often divide South Africans; and in the process, the two men forge an unbreakable bond.

Nothing Ventured


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