Our deepest condolences go to out to Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's family as we wish her farewell. A leader of South Africa’s liberation struggle, we thank her for the sacrifices she made throughout her life. 

"Her courageous defiance was deeply inspirational to me, and to generations of activists" Desmond Tutu

491 Days: Prisoner number 1323/69 shares with the world Winnie Mandela’s moving and compelling journal as well as some of the letters written between affected parties at the time she was imprisoned. Readers gain insight into the brutality she experienced, her depths of despair as well as her resilience and defiance under extreme pressure.

“On a freezing winter’s night, a few hours before dawn on 12 May 1969, security police stormed the Soweto home of Winnie Mandela and detained her in the presence of her two young daughters, then aged nine and ten.

Rounded up in a group of other anti-apartheid activists under Section 6 of the Terrorism Act, designed for the security police to hold and interrogate people for as long as they wanted, she was taken away. She had no idea where they were taking her or what would happen to her children. For Winnie Mandela this was the start of a 491-day period of detention and two trials.”

Read further at The Johannesburg Review of Books: https://johannesburgreviewofbooks.com/2018/04/02/i-am-me-i-am-black-i-must-be-proud-of-my-blackness-read-an-excerpt-from-winnie-madikizela-mandelas-memoir-491-days-prisoner-number-132369/