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Bongani Madondo

10-12 years
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01 March 2007

An exciting new collection of profiles from one of the countries most talented and innovative journalists, Bongani Madondo.

Bongani has spent his life stalking and studying icons and celebrities of our age. He’s risked his health chasing celebrities, weirdoes, icons and revered personalities from bathrooms to tropical islands to present this collection of in-depth interviews and profiles. Along the way he’s endured a political tirade from Danny Glover, gone in search of a lost comic book hero, and cried with Busi Mhlongo.

In some interviews the line between journalist and interviewee has blurred. At other times, Bongani has managed to break through the mask and reveal the real Brenda Fassie, a reflective Zolani Mahola or a just-out-of-bed John Perlman.

In the process he’s tried to work out what the thugs, dice-rollers, showbiz pimps, spiritual visionaries and other celebrated God-figurines have to offer the world. Beyond the genius, the arrogance, the foolishness, the fears, the jealousy and the madness, what is it that makes us worship them?