Falling Man

Don DeLillo

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04 March 2011
256 pages

Falling Man begins on September 11, in the smoke and ash of the burning towers.

In the days and the years following, we trace the aftermath of this global tremor in the private lives of a few reticulated individuals. Theirs are lives choreographed by loss, by grief and by the enormous force of history.

From these intimate portraits, Don DeLillo shifts to an extrapolated vision: he charts the way the events have reconfigured our emotional landscape, our memory and our perception of the world.

Falling Man is an unforgettable novel, at once cathartic and beautiful and heartbreaking.

America's greatest living writer.


Searing, profoundly unsettling. An unforgettable novel.

Sunday Times

These are pages of magnificent force and control, DeLillo's genius at full pelt. Reading them, you have to remind yourself to keep breathing.

New Statesman