Fighting For Justice

Jay Naidoo

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01 July 2010

Fighting for Justice is a gripping account of the life of Jay Naidoo, a tireless anti-apartheid campaigner and the first General Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), South Africa’s largest union federation and the backbone of the internal mass struggles against apartheid.

From Jay’s roots in a distant village in India to his present fierce engagement with global issues of social justice, it recounts the captivating and humbling story of a man from a working-class family living with the cruel realities of apartheid, his life-changing encounter with Steve Biko and his involvement in student, community and national politics.

Fighting for Justice also describes with searing honesty the painful personal choices Jay has had to make, detailing his intercontinental love affair with the French Canadian writer Lucie Pagé. This captivating autobiography weaves a tale of intrigue, pain and triumph as the issues of race, language and culture encounter the uncompromising terrain of political and social activism.