Comanche Moon

Larry McMurtry

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On the wild Texas frontier where barbarism and civilization come in many forms, Rangers Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call are pitched into the long, bitter, bloody fighting under the command of Captain Inish Scull.
When Scull's favourite horse is stolen by the Comanches, he decides to track him down, leaving Gus and Call in charge. However, on their return to Austin, Gus is greeted by the news that his sweetheart is to marry another man and Call finds that the town's most notorious woman is desperate to settle down with him and become respectable. When Scull's wealthy wife demands that her errant husband be brought home, with feelings akin to relief the two men set off once more into the vast, untamed plains . . .
Comanche Moon, which follows on from Dead Man's Walk and prequels Lonesome Dove, follows Gus and Call in their bitter struggle to protect the advancing West frontier against the defiant Comanches, courageously determined to defend their territory and their way of life, and showcases McMurtry's strong affinity for the landscape and its inhabitants with a deeply felt lyrical intensity.

In the media
A sprawling, picaresque novel

New York Times Book Review

A monumental work that has few equals in current literature

Library Journal

The [frontier] myth is intact, if a tad tattered by McMurtry's darkly comedic touch and sly debunking of chivalric conventions. But at its core are McMurtry's respect and gift for exaggerated and fanciful pageantry and heroic form

New York Daily News

McMurtry's revisionist vision of frontier life is always compelling