Killing Kebble

Mandy Wiener

01 April 2012


In September 2005 one of South Africa’s most eminent mining magnates and businessmen Brett Kebble was killed on a quiet suburban street in Johannesburg. The investigation into the case was a tipping point for democratic South Africa. The top-level investigation that followed exposed the corrupt relationship between the country’s Chief of Police and Interpol President Jackie Selebi and suave Mafioso Glenn Agliotti. A lawless Johannesburg underbelly was exposed – dominated by drug lords, steroid-reliant bouncers, an international smuggling syndicate, a shady security unit moonlighting for the police and sinister self-serving sleuths abusing state agencies.

The new paperback edition of the bestselling non-fiction title, Killing Kebble includes:

  • A Postscript that updates the reader on events and people since the publication of the book in April 2011;
  • An extensive author interview that explores the author’s background, the success of the book and people’s reactions to it as well as the impact it has had on Mandy’s life.

The additional new material will also be available in a Kindle Single via Amazon – as Postscript to Killing Kebble.