The Broken Mirror

Melissa de la Cruz

Ages 9 to 11
19 January 2023
336 pages


The Broken Mirror is the third title in the Never After series, a funny and exciting fantasy adventure where real life and fairy tales collide.

The Never After crew is back for another twisted adventure. This time, they’re off to Snow Country . . . after they rescue the beleaguered Lord Sharif of Nottingham from the evil Robin Hood, who has been plaguing the land with his thievery and mischief.

Along with Jack, Gretel, Beatrice, and some new Snow Country pals like a chatty magic mirror, Filomena sets off to find the only ones who can save the kingdom once and for all: The League of the Seven – a group of fearless warriors devoted to fighting the ogres at any cost.

Still, new threats lurk around every corner, both in Never After and back home in North Pasadena . . . Even with the League of the Seven’s help, can Filomena and her friends rescue the land from Olga’s clutches? Or will the ogres finally prevail?

Melissa de la Cruz is the bestselling author of Disney's Descendants series. Perfect for fans of Disney's Twisted Tales and the first title in the series, The Thirteenth Fairy.

Equal parts whimsical and adventure-packed, Filomena's journey will entrance readers and have them rooting for the young, witty heroine . . . A refreshing twist on well-known fairy tales.
The twist-filled plot moves along quickly with plenty of action and snappy banter