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The Daughter

Michelle Frances

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The Daughter is a gripping, powerful story of a mother's courage and devotion, by the number one bestselling author of The Girlfriend.

Getting pregnant as a teenager was never part of Kate's plan, but when it happens she's determined to do right by her daughter, showing her the love she never had as a child.

Life as a single mother is hard, sometimes impossible, but it only brings Kate and Becky closer together. By the time Becky is making her own way in the world as a tenacious trainee journalist, Kate couldn't be prouder.
But when the unthinkable happens, Kate's life is changed forever. Desperately trying to understand, Kate stumbles across a story Becky was researching.

Is it possible that this cruel twist of fate wasn't an accident?


‘I was blown away . . . Marvellous’ Jilly Cooper
‘Sharp, sinister and addictive’ Sunday Mirror
‘Taut and suspenseful’ Heat
‘Abounding with mysteries, revelations and lies’ Library Journal

In the media
Fans of BBC drama The Replacement will lap up this taut and suspenseful tale [The Temp]


I was blown away. The Girlfriend is the most marvellous psychological thriller . . . I couldn’t put it down and kept sneaking upstairs to read another few pages . . . Michelle Frances is a writer we’re going to hear a great deal about. Please read this genuinely exciting novel

Jilly Cooper

Impressively compelling debut; the tension positively oozes from the pages . . . Keeps the reader on a knife-edge throughout [The Girlfriend]

The Press Association

Brilliantly twisty, a sharp, sinister and addictive read [The Girlfriend]

Sunday Mirror