Line War

Neal Asher

12 July 2018
576 pages


Line War is the fifth and final novel in Neal Asher's action-packed Agent Cormac series.

Their worlds are ending . . .

The human Polity worlds are under attack from Erebus, a renegade AI. And it’s now merged with lethal Jain technology, and isn’t afraid to use it. When Erebus kills millions, on a world of no apparent significance, Agent Ian Cormac is sent to investigate. He’s also secretly struggling with an ability no human should possess – and starts questioning the motives of his AI masters.

Further indiscriminate attacks attract the Polity’s most dangerous individuals. Mr Crane, a brass killing machine, seeks vengeance. Orlandine, part AI and part human, hunts a weapon of appalling power. And Dragon plans to wake the makers of Jain technology from their ancient slumber. But can Erebus be stopped – or is this the end for the Polity?

Asher is brilliant at conveying the vastness of deep space, the strangeness of alien life forms and the sweep of planetary horizons – not to mention the vast sweep of the novel itself. Line War is where the Cormac novels have been heading. This is Asher’s best novel yet