Out on 26 May 2022


Neal Asher

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26 May 2022
544 pages

Weaponized is a thrilling far-future adventure by acclaimed science fiction author Neal Asher.

A bright new future for humanity – or a dark and inescapable past.

With the advent of new AI technology, Polity citizens now possess incredible lifespans. Yet they struggle to find meaning in their longevity, seeking danger and novelty in their increasingly mundane lives.

On a mission to find a brighter future for humanity, ex-soldier Ursula fosters a colony on the hostile planet Threpsis. Here, survival isn’t a given, and colonists thrive without their AI guidance. But when deadly alien raptors appear, Ursula and her companions find themselves forced to adapt in unprecedented ways. And they will be pushed to the very brink of what it means to be human.

As a desperate battle rages across the planet, Ursula must dig deep into her past if she is to save humanity’s future.

Neal Asher’s books are like an adrenaline shot targeted directly for the brain

John Scalzi

Magnificently awesome. Then Asher turns it up to eleven

Peter F. Hamilton on The Soldier

A richly imagined, exotic world, non-stop action and unimaginable stakes

Yoon Ha Lee on The Soldier