The Stars Askew

Rjurik Davidson

15+ years
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14 July 2016
480 pages

A new age has dawned in Caeli-Amur

An oppressive regime has been overthrown and the city's citizens are finally in power. Yet all is not well. The people are starving and many call for violence against their enemies. And when the seditionist leader Aceline is murdered, the trail leads to a conspiracy in the shadows . . .

Meanwhile, in the vast imperial metropolis of Varenis, another power begins to move against Caeli-Amur. Will its people survive these threats, or will an uneasy peace descend into blood and violence?

A lyrical and evocative novel of ancient magic, minotaurs and myth; of dreams and nightmares, sacrifice and redemption. Highly recommended

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Rjurik Davidson works the sharp edges where epic fantasy, uncanny science fiction, and the New Weird collide. An amazing debut

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Impressively imagined

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