The Book of Life

Stuart Nadler

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These seven stunning tales are about all the big things: faith, love, family, temptation and redemption. They show us at our most vulnerable and our most miraculous. They show moments of grief and betrayal as well as humour and happiness. They show us the best of people and the worst. They show us life.

Stuart Nadler is a writer in the great American tradition, but one who emerges from the shadows – of Updike, of Bellow, of Cheever – and stakes his own bold and exciting claim.

In the media
‘Good, old-fashioned, gorgeously-crafted tales’ Dazed & Confused

‘Perfectly crafted . . . Like all great short story writers, Nadler can make his characters whole with the minimal amount of gesturing’ Financial Times

‘Rueful melancholy and caustic humour permeate these impressive stories . . . The tone is set by the brilliant, bombastic opener’ Guardian

‘I found these stories utterly absorbing; so perceptive, so crackling with wit, so sad’ Belinda McKeon, author of Solace