Will Storr

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Selfie explains how the West became self-obsessed and reveals the danger of this modern obsession – a ‘fascinating’ (Guardian), ‘brilliant’ (Independent) and ‘electrifying’ (Financial Times) book.

In the media
Far more ambitious than its title might suggest . . . Selfie illuminates much of what feels peculiar about the world in 2017 . . . Storr has put in a formidable amount of work, he is irascibly good company, and he has something approaching genius for marshalling his material . . . This could be a pessimistic book. In fact, its insights are timely and welcome

Richard Godwin Sunday Times

As entertaining as it is provocative and disquieting . . . His breezy prose is bedded down in intensive research, much of it immersive . . . his closing thoughts can’t help but be comforting

Mail on Sunday

Storr has done huge amounts of research for this book . . . he conveys it with a gifted lightness of touch that is wry and funny (his investigative mode has been compared to those of Jon Ronson and Louis Theroux, with which I wouldn’t disagree) . . . entertaining . . . fascinating

The Times

Thoughtful and engaging . . . wonderfully funny . . . Storr’s cultural history is fascinating