Looking for the next book that will make your little one ROAR? 

We've compiled a list of exquisitely illustrated, hilarious and beautiful books for animal lovers to enjoy. Learn about the importance of friendship with The Go-Away Bird, a South African inspired story from Julia Donaldson and Catherine Rayner or  experience the sweetest love story full of cheese and broccoli in Aalfred and Aalbert by Morag Hood. Winning isn't everything, what really matters is that you have fun- as the little aardvark will tell you in The Big Race by David Barrow. For even more wild and wonderful stories make sure you add our list to your TBR pile!

Book cover for Frockodile


Celebrating acceptance and being who you really are, this joyful story is about Cliff, the crocodile who wants to wear a dress.When the hyenas laugh at Cliff, he pretends he's dressing up for a play. But no play exists! Luckily his friend Freddy comes to the rescue and creates a...

Book cover for Frog Hops Off!

Frog Hops Off!

Welcome to Twit Twoo School! Meet Frog, Mouse, Mole, Owl, Rabbit and their teacher Miss Hoot at their fun-filled treetop school in Frog Hops Off!, a warm and funny adventure story with a gentle message about listening in class, perfect for preschool readers.Frog just ...

Book cover for Aalfred and Aalbert

Aalfred and Aalbert

An aadorable and funny love story between aardvarks.Aardvarks Aalfred and Aalbert both need a pal. But Aalfred sleeps in the day, and Aalbert sleeps at night. How will they ever get the chance to meet? Bird conjures up a series of sillier and sillier schemes to get the two aa...

Book cover for Dear Zoo Snuggle Book

Dear Zoo Snuggle Book

A super-soft cloth book in a beautiful gift box, based on the bestselling classic Dear Zoo – the perfect gift for babies for any occasion. Created by Rod Campbell for the very youngest animal enthusiasts, the Dear Zoo Snuggle Book features a...

Book cover for The Go-Away Bird

The Go-Away Bird

A gorgeous story about friendship and working together from a star picture-book partnership, the bestselling Julia Donaldson and award-winning Catherine Rayner.‘The Go-Away bird sat up in her nest,With her fine grey wings and her fine grey crest.’One...