Let's draw with Chris Riddell

Looking for a creative and colourful way to keep the kids busy after school? Why not join former Children's Laureate, author and doodler extraordinaire, Chris Riddell in a Doodle a Day!

Help your kids discover their creativity with some awesome Chris Riddell activity sheets. 

Fans of his books will enjoy adding new features to existing characters while experimenting with different art supplies.  These doodles are sure to delight young and old for hours on end! Chris is also participating in a Doodle-a-Day project from January to June 2019 and you can join him and follow his progress on social media.

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Doodle-a-Day Activity sheet

Doodle a Day with Chris Riddell

Download here

Goth Girl and the Sinister Symphony

Book cover for Goth Girl and the Sinister Symphony

Once Upon a Wild Wood

Book cover for Once Upon a Wild Wood

Poems to Live Your Life By

Book cover for Poems to Live Your Life By

Chris Riddell's Doodle-a-Day

by Chris Riddell

Book cover for Chris Riddell's Doodle-a-Day

Doodle every day with Chris Riddell! Chris Riddell's Doodle-A-Day features 366 illustration prompts, tips and artwork from award-winning illustrator Riddell, which will have you doodling every day for a year.

There's a doodle to be done every day of the year in this brilliant book from Children's Laureate Chris Riddell - packed full of inspiration for everyone from colouring-mad kids to paint-curious parents.

There are patterns to finish, seasons to celebrate, room to draw your lunch, mood, pets, family and friends, big drawings and tiny pictures and invitations to draw what you are listening to and that is only a suggestion of the delights that await in this fabulous book. What are you waiting for? Pick up a pencil and get started with a doodle a day!