Perfect Picks for Picture Book Lovers

November is #PictureBookMonth ! We've rounded up some of our recent favourites just for you:

Picture books can be enjoyed at any age. For younger readers looking at the pictures and hearing the words read to them develops memory and recognition skills. Older readers enjoy being able to read the story for themselves while staying entertained as they follow visual clues and action throughout their favourite story. With so many different stories, themes and styles you are sure to find a picture book that will delight and inspire your family.

Cyril and Pat

Book cover for Cyril and Pat

The Gruffalo Sound Book

Book cover for The Gruffalo Sound Book

Once Upon a Wild Wood

Book cover for Once Upon a Wild Wood

The Cook and the King

by Julia Donaldson

Book cover for The Cook and the King

There once was a very hungry king
Who needed a cook like anything . . .

. . . but the king is very fussy; he tries all the cooks in the kingdom, but no one is good enough. Then he spots Wobbly Bob. Maybe Bob can whip up his favourite dinner? But how will Bob be able to cook for the king when he’s scared of . . . well, everything?!

Discover how the hungry king helps Wobbly Bob face his fears on a cooking adventure across the land and sea.

The Cook and the King is a brilliantly funny story from the award-winning picture book duo Julia Donaldson and David Roberts, creators of Tyrannosaurus Drip. With fun rhyming verse and richly detailed illustrations, this is sure to become a firm favourite with children and adults alike.

Enjoy more stories from Julia Donaldson and David Roberts: The Troll, Tyrannosaurus Drip, Jack and the Flumflum Tree and The Flying Bath.

The Big Race

Book cover for The Big Race

A Dog With Nice Ears

Book cover for A Dog With Nice Ears


Book cover for Animalphabet