Upside Down

Danielle Steel

04 January 2024
320 pages


Rules are made to be broken . . .

Upside Down is a powerful story of unconventional romance, bold choices and second chances, from the billion copy bestseller, Danielle Steel.

Oscar-winning actress Ardith Law is a Hollywood icon. A stunning beauty at sixty-two, her star is as bright as ever. Widowed at a young age by a philandering husband, Ardith is in no hurry to marry again. Her daughter, Morgan, a successful cosmetic surgeon, has always blamed her mother for a lonely childhood while Ardith was away on location, and the relationship remains strained despite Ardith’s efforts to strengthen their bond.

While Ardith’s long-time partner is away filming in London, Josh Gray, an actor waiting for his big break, is employed as Ardith’s assistant at her Bel Air home. When tragedy strikes he becomes an invaluable support, stirring up conflicting feelings in her for this younger man.

In New York, Morgan is swept off her feet by Ben Ryan, one of the country’s most famous TV news reporters. Though more than two decades her senior, she falls headlong for his charm and attention. But, when a blackmail scheme puts his career – and their relationship – on the line, she doesn’t know where to turn.

It’s time for Morgan to decide whether she can bury the hurt of the past and forgive, and for Ardith to find a way to follow her heart – because finding true happiness with the right partner has nothing to do with age . . .