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Ready for your next read? We've curated a list of must-read local books. This November, sit back and relax with a selection of incredible eBooks, under R100 for Amazon Kindle readers. From thrilling page-turners and gripping debut novels to evocative classics, powerful biographies and world class sporting books - we've got something for every reader.

Brilliant fiction

From award-winning authors to thrilling page-turners and gripping debut novels – don’t miss out on:

Beauty's Gift

by Sindiwe Magona

Book cover for Beauty's Gift

Beauty’s Gift, a moving tale of how four women decide to change their own fate as well as the lives of those closest to them. This is Sindiwe Magona at her very best – writing about social issues, and not keeping quiet. Speak up, she says to women in Africa. Stand up, and take control of your own lives.


Three Bodies

by N.R. Brodie

Book cover for Three Bodies

Three Bodies, NR Brodies’ second novel. Captain Reshma Patel and her partner, the former police officer Ian Jack, are back! In Three Bodies, Brodie's the formidable duo (from her debut novel, Knucklebone) are fighting time to figure out who is killing women in and around Joburg... is there a serial killer on the loose?

The White Room

by Craig Higginson

Book cover for The White Room

Craig Higginson’s The White Room. Written in layered, stark prose, the novel lays bare many of our assumptions about language identity, memory, loss and love.



by Fiona Snyckers

Book cover for Lacuna

Lucy Lurie is deeply sunk in PTSD following a gang rape at her father’s farmhouse in the Western Cape. She becomes obsessed with the author John Coetzee, who has made a name for himself by writing Disgrace, a celebrated novel that revolves around the attack on her. Lucy lives the life of a celibate hermit, making periodic forays into the outside world in her attempts to find and comfort Coetzee.


Plus One

by Vanessa Raphaely

Book cover for Plus One

Lisa and Claudia move in rich and glamorous circles, and when they have the opportunity to spend a weekend in Mykonos on board a luxury yacht, they jump at the chance. But beneath the shiny veneer of this celebrity-filled world, is a competitive and sordid underbelly, filled with pitfalls and challenges for the unsuspecting. Plus One by Vanessa Raphaely is a must-read.

Born Freeloaders

by Phumlani Pikoli

Book cover for Born Freeloaders

In Born Freeloaders, Phumlani Pikoli captures a political and cultural moment in the city’s and South Africa’s history. Interwoven is an analogous tale of the country’s colonisation and the consequences that follow.


Books to inspire, empower, shift thinking and give new insights. Discover the best self-help, motivational and business books:

When Crisis Strikes

by Francis Herd

Book cover for When Crisis Strikes

When Crisis Strikes by Francis Herd and Prof Nicola Kleyn, provides ten simple and effective rules to help manage crisis situations. The practical advice in each rule is backed up by academic research that draws from public relations, marketing, management, leadership and psychology.



by Rebecca Davis

Book cover for Self-helpless

Everywhere Rebecca Davis looked, the world was in poor shape. And because she’d quit drinking, she no longer had the comfort blanket of alcohol to tamp down her anxiety. How did sober people stay sane? But as she searched for a meaning of life that did not involve booze, she found it increasingly hard to rationalize her default scepticism. In Self-Helpless, Rebecca writes about her twelve-months search for sanity.


The Stress Code

by Richard Sutton

Book cover for The Stress Code

Richard Sutton’s The Stress Code is a response to the global call for stress management solutions. Supported by extensive scientific research, the book offers comprehensive and structured insights and interventions to assist in thriving in adversity.


Own Your Space

by Nadia Bilchik

Book cover for Own Your Space

Nadia Bilchik and Lori Millers’ Own Your Space is the ultimate ‘toolkit’ to unleash your true power. It’s for the woman who wants to take her career to new heights and who is ready to fulfill her true potential.


Powerful and evocative classics, biographies and memoirs – don’t miss out on these must-read books documenting stories of trailblazers who’ve shaped South Africa’s history.

The Way I See It

Book cover for The Way I See It

The Way I See It is an extraordinary memoir of an international, award-winning photographer, Jurgen Schadeberg, the man behind the camera that recorded some iconic events that unfolded in apartheid South Africa. This behind-the-scenes journey with a legendary photojournalist and visual storyteller is a rare and special privilege.


Parcel of Death

by Gaongalelwe Tiro

Book cover for Parcel of Death

Parcel of Death by Gaongalelwe Tiro recounts the little-told life story of Onkgopotse Abram Tiro, the first South African freedom fighter the apartheid regime pursued beyond the country’s borders to assassinate with a parcel bomb.


491 Days

by Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Book cover for 491 Days

491 Days: Prisoner number 1323/69 shares with the world Winnie Mandela’s moving and compelling journal as well as some of the letters written between affected parties at the time. Readers gain insight into the brutality she experienced, her depths of despair as well as her resilience and defiance under extreme pressure.


My Own Liberator

by Dikgang Moseneke

Book cover for My Own Liberator

My Own Liberator charts Justice Dikgang Moseneke’s rise as one of the country’s top legal minds, who not only helped to draft the interim constitution, but for fifteen years acted as a guardian of that constitution for all South Africans, helping to make it a living document for the country and its people.


Solomon's Story

by Judy Froman

Book cover for Solomon's Story

Solomon's Story by Judy Froman is a fictional account of the true story of Solomon Mahlangu, a young hero who paid the ultimate price in his contribution to South Africa’s freedom.


World class sporting books       

From sporting dramas and passions that defined a quarter century to the story of a modern sporting phenomenon and a rugby icon – discover the best of sport books.

Vuvuzela Dawn

by Luke Alfred

Book cover for Vuvuzela Dawn

In Vuvuzela Dawn, Luke Alfred and Ian Hawkey reveals the sporting dramas and passions that defined a quarter century.



by Tendai Mtawarira

Book cover for Beast

Tendai Mtawarira is known throughout the rugby world simply as Beast. Or, more often than not, ‘Beeeaaassssttt!’, as crowds from Durban to London, Buenos Aires to Auckland cry whenever he gets the ball. In 2018 he became the most capped prop in Springbok history, earning his 100th Test cap for the Springboks, and in 2019 he became the most capped Super Rugby player in South Africa. Beast is the story of how Tendai has become a rugby icon.


AB: The Autobiography

by AB de Villiers

Book cover for AB: The Autobiography

AB de Villiers is one of the finest batsmen ever to play cricket, and yet his achievement extends beyond his outrageous armoury of drives, pulls, paddles, scoops and flicks. AB: The Autobiography is the story of a modern sporting phenomenon, in his own words...