The White Room

Craig Higginson

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Pan Macmillan


South African playwright Hannah Meade arrives in London for the opening night of her new play. She has arranged to meet Pierre, the student she was in love with when she taught English in Paris. During their time together, they lied their way towards truths they were too young and inexperienced to endure.

In the media
‘In prose pared to the bone Higginson explores the complex nature of love. Most importantly, we realize love can become what you will it to be and that once you’ve grasped it, you should guard it with all your life.’ – Fred Khumalo, author of Dancing the Death Drill. ‘In its conception and execution, The White Room is remarkable … Evocative and dreamlike, yet all too nightmarishly real, this is a story so moving that it leaves a powerful afterimage on the reader’s imagination.’ – Craig MacKenzie. ‘Craig Higginson is at the vanguard of the latest and most exciting novelists in South Africa, offering a barometer of the best to be expected from the newest wave of writing in the country’– Andre Brink