Worthy Opponents

Danielle Steel

07 December 2023
352 pages


Worthy Opponents is a riveting and dynamic tale of family, wealth and success from the billion copy bestselling author, Danielle Steel.

Spencer Brooke grew up knowing that one day she would inherit and run Brooke’s, one of New York’s most respected luxury department stores. Established by Spencer’s grandfather, it is in her blood to navigate its successful passage through twenty-first-century competition.

But when the death of her grandfather comes, it leaves a terrible void in Spencer’s life. She strives to be a devoted wife and mother, as well as a successful CEO, but the pressure leads to the breakdown of her marriage.

Devoting herself to her twin sons and her career, Spencer has little time for a social life. But when successful entrepreneur Mike Weston enters her life, offering investment at a time when the store most needs it, she knows she must take his offer seriously.

Spencer faces a dilemma: can Mike Weston be who or what she needs, and can she trust him? Or should she remain independent, but risk the security of her inheritance?