The Bookshop in the Clouds

Jaco Jacobs

Illustrated by Nadia du Plessis

Ages 10 to 12
01 October 2021


Welcome to Head In The Clouds. It’s Ella’s favourite shop on earth. A place full of magic, where wonderful things can happen to you. A place where you can buy second-hand books smelling of mystery and adventure and daydreams (and a teeny, tiny bit of sweaty socks, to be completely honest). Between the shelves awaits an adventure that will change Ella’s life forever … if she’s brave enough.

Someone is trying to make sure that the bookshop closes for good, but Ella and her friends are not going to allow that, not even if their lives are in danger. And who knows, perhaps they will receive help from an unexpected source – all bookshops are magical and so are the books they keep …